The Rules of Monogramming

Monogram Order

Please note that we always ask for initials in the First, Middle, Last name order. Example: Adelaide Caroline Smith's monogram should be entered as ACS. We know to enlarge the center S for many of the traditional style monograms, however some monograms are done in straight across.

Monogram Choices


Traditionally, when monogramming linens, the women's initials are used exclusively. Recently many prefer to include that husband and instead with the wife's first name initial, the husband's first name initial, and then their shared last initial.

Design Choices

Safety first when monogramming for children! Take in to consideration age of children when deciding to put full name as opposed to monograms.

Custom Monogramming

We can provide custom monogramming options for virtually any name. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with options.